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NCGS was founded by Nancy C.G. Snowden in 1984 with the mission to impact healthcare for the future. Now, more than 30 years later, every team member is charged to function under the overarching NCGS philosophy that, “The research conducted on these study subjects will impact healthcare for the future. These future consumers may not be anonymous; they could very well be your parent, sibling, or yourself.” Every piece of data is critical to the success of a trial, and the data NCGS collects can and will change healthcare for the better. The passion for that mission burns as brightly today as it did more than 30 years ago.

Prior to founding NCGS, Ms. Snowden functioned as the Sr. Nursing Lead of an NIH/NCI funded grant at the Medical College of Georgia/University Hospital. It was there she established one of the first Community Clinical Oncology Programs (CCOP) and produced one of the top initial centers, ranking first in both evaluability and enrollment. As a result, NCGS’ early focus was Oncology trials, and that same level of laser focus and distinction remains at the core of NCGS’ quality and integrity drivers. NCGS has been successful with novel diagnostics used in bone marrow stem cell selection, established one of the earliest tumor banks for twelve top malignancies, and managed early cutting-edge flow cytometry trials monitoring T Cell subsets post transplantation.  Our work with the expanded access program for Herceptin® remains one of our biggest success stories.  Additionally, we have managed studies resulting in critical advances in blood screening and diagnosis with the development of bDNA technology which could detect the presence of minute levels viral replicates.  This work led to early diagnosis and prevention of tainted blood samples used by so many oncology patients.

For over 30 years, we have expanded our focus to include CNS (both pain and movement/neurologic disorders), Infectious Disease, Critical Care, and Transplant studies.


NCGS’ mission is to protect research subjects, capture quality data and maintain integrity of the science with the same passion one would protect their own domain. Each staff member is charged to function under the mantra, “This product could easily be used on your parent, sibling, or yourself.”  “It is not only our hope for this product, it is the world’s hope for this product.”

NCGS is ardently committed to placing our quality imprint on the world’s medicinal and diagnostic solutions. Our passion is for the patients we protect and our clients who strive to bring new innovative solutions to market. NCGS is an organization built on the philosophy of “people first.” Elite tenured staff bring a diverse, highly functional management process and prescience to defining potential obstacles.

NCGS elite staff have a history of quantifiable success in:

  • Serving client needs and exceeding expectations.
  • Preserving Sponsor goals of patient safety and data integrity.
  • Respecting Sponsor investment and fiscal responsibility by completing studies on time, under budget, every time.
  • Understanding practical solutions begin with people and results in success.
  • Engaging daily the mission of our company.


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