CEO Letter Regarding COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the globe, NCGS continues to face these challenges to address study conduct continuity. Quarantine and restricted travel are among these challenges. Our number one priority remains focused on the health and safety of participants, site staff, and monitoring personnel involved in these trials.  We strive to [...]

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Doing its Research

NCGS Inc., a clinical research organization for the pharmaceutical industry, is expanding its Charleston County operations with a new corporate headquarters. The $10 million facility at 16 Charlotte St. on the peninsula will create 80 jobs and will open this spring when renovations are completed. The firm acquired the property in July for $4.95 million. "This [...]

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NCGS is expanding at new headquarters! NCGS is expanding its business by relocating to a new corporate headquarters, bringing $10 million in investment and creating 80 new jobs, with a potential EU acquisition on the horizon. The CRO is moving its HQ in Charleston, South Carolina, to a new campus about a mile away “because our current HQ can [...]

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NCGS, Inc. is expanding!

Press Release: April 20, 2017 NCGS, Inc. expanding its Charleston County presence Clinical trial manager creating 80 jobs at new corporate headquarters COLUMBIA, S.C. – NCGS, Inc., a clinical research organization (CRO) supporting the pharmaceutical industry, is expanding its Charleston County operations. The company is constructing a new corporate headquarters, which will bring $10 [...]

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